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Grace Pelle Storms In With Her Newest 80’s Inspired Dream Pop Single, “Outgrowing.”

Grace Pelle is a one of a kind musician and talent. Not only can she write catchy and inspiring melodies, vivid lyrics, and sing beautifully, she is a producer and music arranger. Grace Pelle fights pass typical gender norms in the music industry by not having her work transformed by another producer, but takes the reins to create a song that is truly her own.

This mark of originality, independence, and determination makes Grace’s music particularly special: It is 100% all her. Every note, lyric, beat, and high-hat is Grace. It is her entire self poured onto a track, making this “coming of age” cinematic 80’s inspired song even more intimate. This artistic approach allows listeners to truly connect with her and witness an artist who’s in complete control of their sound .

"Outgrowing" is a coming of age song about mentally moving on from a nostalgic stage of life, while celebrating the growing pains of becoming older. The idea stemmed from a production melody I had. Despite its bittersweet message, my self-produced song has a driving, yet exciting undertone with 80's style drums and distorted synths. I plan on promoting this single through social media (etc, production breakdowns) as well as doing livestreams and performing the song at live venues in Nashville!”

Grace Pelle is continuing on a path where women aren’t reliant on others to produce their work. She shows that she is completely self produced and her signature style can be seen from lyric to lyric. The sound textures she chooses allows us to fully enter in the world that is Grace Pelle.

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