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GRAMMY-award winning R&B artist evrYwhr releases soulful “Tie Dye” single

The Grammy award winning-Michigan native evrYwhr planted a memorable seed when he released the affirmation driven single ‘Positive Vibes’ earlier this year. Pulling similar themes of positivity and freedom, evrYwhr is back with his latest single ‘Tie Dye’.

‘Tie Dye’ is a polished record made of loose, richly textured melodies with airy flute accents that weaves colorful sounds undergirded with a trap-like cadence. The song brings evrYwhr’s eclectic blend of r&b and pop and carries thematic weight which encourages listeners to just BE – free flowing like the colors of Tie Dye pattern.

“In every song I write, I try to keep it real, keep it positive, keep it light,” said evrYwhr, whose love for all things music began at age 5. “I’ve loved the Motown sound my entire life and continue to draw on my roots, even as I work on new songs and ideas.”

Further showcasing his passion for world cultures, evrYwhr also released the first episode of his new Transit Pictures produced show, ‘Destination evrYwhr,’ which premieres exclusively on KevOnStage Studios. The show showcases his travels to Cambodia where he connects with people and their experiences through the medium of music.

Look for ‘Tie Dye’ as part of evrYwhr’s awaited debut album set to be released in the summer of 2022 under label Saint & Citizen music. 

Watch the “Tie Dye” lyric video below:

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