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Great Good Fine Ok Put a Fresh Spin on Ariana and the Rose

If you are in the music business in NYC, chances are you have heard something along the way about Ariana and the Rose.  Captivating audiences with her synth driven tunes, impressive visuals and transcendent live shows, Ariana and the Rose has accumulated millions of streams along the way while also touring extensively in the US and UK.

Having released her most recent body of work, “Constellations EP: Phase 1”, over the summer, Ariana and the Rose is back with an official remix of the lead single, “You Were Never My Boyfriend”, by Great Good Fine Ok.  When the single was released back in April, I must admit I had originally passed on a feature, instead opting to add it to my playlists… and I will also admit… sometimes I get it wrong.  In the months since the tune has seriously grown on me and continues to hold its place in my personal selects.

Now, with the new remix from acclaimed producers Great Good Fine Ok in hand, the single is given a whole new life.  Ariana’s retro vibes are pushed even further on the new mix – with he vocals leading the way, Great Good Fine Ok bring a touching, melodic, danceable beat to the table – helping to transform the tune into a low key jam that could rock any discotheque from here to Berlin.  Intricate synth work, driving rhythms and just the right amount of energy make sure the track remains ever-chill while also ensuring that your foot never stops tapping. 

Well on her way to making some major waves, Ariana and the Rose continues to push boundaries with her sound and aesthetic, slowly but surely carving a lane of her own through the city that never sleeps and beyond. 

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