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Greta Isaac Delivers An Eccentric and Unconventional New Single, "Nuh Uh"

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Greta Isaac is an eccentric and refreshingly authentic artist, from the UK, and her newest single "Nuh Uh", is no different. From the first few seconds, it is easy to hear that listeners are in for an interesting ride, when they press play on this track. Immediately, the disorienting sound of the guitar and synth riff, that drive the entire track forward, take hold of you and grip tightly. The complimentary yet contrasting tones play off the vocal melodies that Greta performs, to perfection, in "Nuh Uh", creating an uneasiness that feels like walking through a fun-house with a strobe light on. The rhythm set forth by the two riffs is disorienting, sure, but also quite playful and enjoyable. When they are played in counterpoint with the vocal melody, the song becomes an ear-worm jam that is both perplexing and sonically soothing, simultaneously.

In Greta's own words, "Nuh Uh" is "manic, delusional, desperate and super charged to the point where I don’t really feel like it’s me who’s singing it when I listen to it". The track is the third single-release from her upcoming EP, 'I Think You'd Hate It Here', which drops in early April. Although the first-two released tracks are very different in terms of sound and style, all three tracks serve to prove Greta Isaac to be an artistic heavyweight, who is more than ready to sling that weight around. The artistic choices made by Greta are brave, jaggedly edgy, and above all else, original!

Greta's originality continues to shine, through her self-directed music video, shot to accompany "Nuh Uh" in it's musical release. An endeavor in surrealism, Greta Isaac delivers visuals, that are creative and stunning. Working closely with her stylist/creative director, the talented musician uses the video to portray her quirky, unusual personality and artistic style. Watching Greta move around a quaint cottage in odd clothing, hair, and make-up choices, the video tops itself, only by offering even more outlandish food choices.

In addition to Greta Isaac's gifted storytelling, she also offers a unique, deep, and often uncomfortably relatable lyrical lens, for her listeners. The artist has earned praise from top tier tastemakers like Wonderland, Notion, CLASH and BBC Radio 1, as well as, appearing in the lineup for this year's Big Weekend Festival. With one EP under her belt and another, on the way, Greta Isaac is cutting through the music industry with machete in hand. Surely, there will be more to look forward to from this unique and talented artist.

Listen to more like Greta Isaac here:

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