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Greta Issac Releases Self-Directed Video “Like Me”

The latest track to be taken from her forthcoming EP “Pessimist”, “Like Me” is an explosively relatable plea for the need to be seen. The feeling of not having a voice can be crippling, so when an artist uses their voice to express their struggle, it makes their message that much more impactful. Filmed inside of a house. the music video for “Like Me” feels like lockdown; the sense of being trapped inside that we can all relate to. The cinematography’s unique angles maintain strong momentum by creating almost a dizzying nature to the video. Meant to look like an “Alice in Wonderland-like” surrounding, the fantastical elements combined with the down to earth feeling of home is almost a psychedelic element of playfulness and sadness with a child-like nature.

It’s no doubt that film is a huge inspiration behind the work Greta does as a music video director. This video through which she can express herself has propelled her music further than ever imagined and it’s safe to say that we are new fans 🙂

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