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Gritt, Angst, and Pop Music: TAELA's Hot New Track, "Trophy"

Entering Nashville as a non-country artist, TAELA has paved her own path in the music scene by combining her gritty and angsty vocals with addictively catchy pop-rock instrumentals. It is no shock that TAELA’s unique artistry caught the attention of Kobalt Music Publishing because of the relatability of her spunky lyrics and her performance at Austin City Limits in 2019. However, TALEA has cut ties with her management and has entered a musical renaissance of her own that emphasizes freedom and the experimentation of her sound, starting with her first fully independent release, “Trophy.”

“Trophy” is not only a pop-rock anthem about her anger towards social media and the distorted culture that exists online, but signifies her breaking free from the pressures of management to define who she is as an artist on her own. “Trophy” explores the frustration and pressure of being a young woman on social media and the collective anger that most women feel about being a target of unwanted criticism, bullying, and harassment, whether or not they adhere to society’s unattainable beauty standards. TAELA states,

“Everybody is so quick to judge based solely on their personal perspective. Social media gives anybody and everybody accesses to an opinion of you and that can be mentally exhausting. I loved the idea of 'Here's your trophy,' like, 'Here's a cookie! Congratulations - you think you know me. Good job."

TAELA describes the production of “Trophy” as “gritty and imperfect” and describes falling in love with the “weird anthemic chorus.” It is this embrace of imperfection and rawness that symbolizes her as an artist and person, making "Trophy" a stand out amongst most repetitive pop music. “Trophy” is a song that is filled with attitude and passion, making it the perfect new release for TAELA as an independent artist.

Listen to more like TAELA here:

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