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HËXĖ Releases Candied New Single "Crush"

As we get closer to the weekend, we're feeling the vibes of this unique duo's talents in their candied new single "Crush". Merging their timeless production and melting vocals, HËXĖ presents a cross-genre record that will keep you dancing from the very start. Filled with instrumental hints of nostalgia, "Crush" highlights that butterflies in your stomach feeling that you get when falling for a new lover. Empowered and vibrant, the buoyant track makes you want to celebrate that first crush...that first love that made a long-lasting impact that you just want to sing about. Since launching in 2017, HËXĖ have received widespread streaming, radio and press support, with plays across BBC Radio 1, Capital Dance and Kiss Dance whilst single ‘Call Me’ premiered on Clash and received applause across the blogosphere by tastemakers including Hilly Dilly, Going Solo and PressPlayOk.

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