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Handbraekes Are Back with EP #3 [VIDEO]

After initially coming together as Handbraekes and releasing two EP’s starting In 2012, French creative mastermind Mr Oizo and Berlin powerhouse Boys Noize are now back after a 4 year hiatus with their latest, “EP #3”.  While both parties have had massive success individually, Handbraekes brings a whole new vibe from the two Electronic titans.

The new project, lead by single, “Discow”, sees the duo setting out to turn dance floors worldwide into Disco riots.  Incredibly nostalgic basslines and horn melodies drive the tune from beginning to end, bringing the focus back to the groove and away from any technical production techniques.  “Discow”, is a a mood boosting, dance floor primer that can drop anytime during the night and help breathe new life and serotonin into the blood streams of any lazy legged club goers.  

The only thing that makes this release any better is the absolutely whacked video that it comes along with.  Once again the duo opts to stay away from anything that makes you think too much and just create a visual that you can not seem to take your eyes off of.  It is bugged out in all the right ways.

DJ’s – Add it to your bins.

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