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HANNAH MAY dips us in honey and warms our cheeks with "Golden"

Every now and then, it's a cold day - the sun might be shining, there might not be a spot of rain, but it's still a cold, dark day, that is until the honey-glazed vocals of "Golden" by Singer, Songwriter Hannah May slowly washes over your ears, like a sweet summer sunray.

"Golden" is that perfect little folk indie track, it's a soft ballad that picks you up, dusts off all the weight you've been carrying and points you in the direction of the closest fireplace. Hannah May has designed and written a track that not only gives you quiet joy but also gives you comfort - a warm hug.

"Golden" is only a small drip of the honeycomb forest that is Hannah May's current discography and I can't wait for your ears to hear "Meet Me in The Middle" a pop folk ballad that's also been making its rounds in my head.

But for now "Golden" is making everything sweet.

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