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Hannah May's "Golden" Paves a Lane All Its Own

Delivering charming elements of folk, pop and indie alternative, singer-songwriter Hannah May is back with an upbeat new single that is sure to lift your spirits during the winter months. Leading with organic, earthy production, the songstress and former New Zealand X Factor finalist encourages her listeners to be confident by being their own biggest supporter. Bringing sunny sounds to life through buoyant instrumentals, "Golden" is filled with steady acoustic guitars and mainstream melodies reminiscent of a young Taylor Swift. Layered through emotion and power, we are given commercial appeal while still remaining true and unique to her own loveable sound.

The young songwriter is a force on the Australian music scene, going from strength to strength with each new release. Hannah has massively evolved since her time on the X Factor NZ (Mae Valley) and has since released a number of catchy solo singles including her debut hit ‘Passenger Seat’ which kick started her career here in Australia in 2020. Having now accumulated 250,000+ Spotify streams on her music worldwide as an independent artist, there is no doubt Hannah is on a path to success.

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