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Hanne Kah Transports Listeners with Hypnotic Harmonies in "Trick Me"

Hanne Kah's latest hit, "Trick Me," transports listeners to a realm of hypnotic harmonies and introspective lyrics, reminiscent of the legendary Fleetwood Mac. This German indie folk act weaves together hard-hitting words and radio-friendly melodies to create a captivating musical experience. In the music industry, women often face a different set of expectations and judgments compared to their male counterparts. Navigating a career under such circumstances poses unique challenges, especially when confronted with inappropriate or condescending remarks from collaborators. This message is the driving force behind "Trick Me".

"Trick Me" emerges from Hanne Kah's personal encounter with past collaborators who belittled her and treated her unprofessionally. This unsettling experience not only caused discomfort but also stifled her creative expression. Since then, she has found new beginnings and more positive encounters with collaborators, but it was important to her to tell her story in hopes to provide a relatable, listening ear to other women who have experienced something similar.

While based in Germany, the band's international popularity continues to grow. Having recently performed in the US at Kansas City’s Folk Alliance, Hanne Kah is making its mark from North America to Germany as well as regionally throughout Europe. Past releases have received high praises from Spotify’s New Female Pop Artists playlist, Berlin On Air, UK Independent and so much more. The band’s charismatic singer is all the more driven by the fact that their success can be further proof of the quality of the German pop music scene. She goes on to say: "My wish is that German artists are seen more and more on an equal footing with established international bands and that we don't have to hide. Us women in the music industry are struggling with a wide variety of challenges and I hope that many young women in the music scene will be inspired so that more and more talented and self-confident women will assert themselves in the music industry in the future."

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