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‘Hard to Find’ with Rolling Dice

For any fans of Future House who may be reading the blog, I have to suggest keeping an eye on Ukrainian producer Rolling Dice.

The up and comer is bringing some major dance floor fillers, most recently releasing his tune, “Hard to Find”. Taking the Delaney Jane vocals featured on the Shaun Frank and Oliver Heldens track, “Shades of Grey”, Rolling Dice builds a beautifully melodic and hard-hitting Future House joint that will without a doubt stand up in a mix next to tracks from either of the original creators.

Delivering the same energy and bounce that first made Future House such a success, Rolling Dice adds his own personality flavor mixed in with layered melodies, deep round basses and some high end synth work.

While the version on Soundcloud includes the vocals, the Spotify version is instrumental – but trust me, it still hits.

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