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Haunting Electronic Vibes from Snøwmass

Chicago based producer Snøwmass is preparing to release his new EP, “Amongst an Acid Wolfpack”, and as the first offering he has unleashed the lead single, “Crossfire”, featuring Mona Moua.

With a sound all his own, Snøwmass has created the genre Spacesynth Cruncore Danger Music.  If someone was to ask me to explain what that may mean, I’d have no idea where to start – yet it makes total sense if you’re listening to this jam.  The haunting and spacey release relies on bright arpeggios, dark pads, growling bases and atmospheric sounds, all coming together to create a tantalizing wall of sound.

While Mona sways on the vocals with trance inducing and sensual tones, the production develops underneath creating an incredible amount of tension.  Interesting and lush layers come together to create an incredibly dynamic release only further accentuated by the proper mix and quality master.

While this jam may not be for everyone, it is 100% worth a listen.  Originality and some serious production chops are always worth a bit of time.

Also.  If the WB ever decides to revamp their hit show Charmed… is like to start the petition now to make this the theme song.  Not even sure why, but it feels so right.

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