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Hazlett Continues to Captivate with New Single "The First Train Home"

Following the release of his debut album "Bloom Mountain" and the follow-up EP "Goodbye to the Valley Low" in 2023, rising Sweden-based Australian Folk singer Hazlett is set to captivate listeners once again with his spellbinding new single, "The First Train Home." Born in Australia and blossoming in Sweden, Hazlett has crafted a unique brand of "Ballroom Folk" that combines vast nostalgia with heartfelt storytelling. His rare live appearances and knack for spinning compelling narratives have steadily earned him a devoted fanbase.

"The First Train Home" showcases Hazlett's talent for blending ethereal soundscapes with folk sensibilities. The track opens with a glistening guitar melody, gently accompanied by pedal steel, creating a dreamy yet grounded atmosphere. Hazlett's vocals, both soothing and evocative, delve into the song's theme of the subtle duality of caring—the push and pull between seeing magic in someone else but not in oneself. “There’s something sad about knowing you’ll never see yourself the way someone special sees you, but there’s also something poetic in wanting to try,” Hazlett shares. This honest, stomp-driven plea resonates deeply, making the song both a personal confession and a universal reflection on relationships.

Listeners should not miss out on Hazlett's impressive storytelling and soul-stirring melodies. "The First Train Home" is a testament to his ability to make listeners feel both the mess and the magic of life. With a full-length LP on the horizon and plans to return to the stage, Hazlett is clearly on a path to something bigger. His music invites you to reflect, feel, and connect, making him an artist to watch without a doubt.

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