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Just your typical lawyer from across the pond, Loc was born in London, studied law at New Castle University, but really bloomed when he transferred to California in 2018. The west coast is where this uber talented artist found his true passion and calling. Blending genres of hip-hop, rap, pop and folk music Loc has created a distinctively unique sound in the way of his influences like Ed Sheeran and Loyle Carner. His lyrics are smart and not pandering with their rhyme. Loc’s vocal performance hovers somewhere between rap and folk, intermittently sliding into a ballad style serenade. The music in his latest single, Like I Loved You, is quirky and comforting. Any way you want to say it, the sound of this kid is unique!

Like I Loved You, is a song about heartbreak that can resonate with anyone who has felt it and is really relatable in it’s nature. We all know the cataclysmic feeling after a break-up, thinking to yourself “I loved nobody, like I loved you“. These are heartfelt lyrics that speak to everyone, but the rap-style breakdown is truly a genius-level work of lyrical composition and delivery.

I for one have definitely been driven crazy but still lacked the presence of mind NOT to call. Inhibitions are a hell of a thing, huh?!

With a ukulele, production studio, and his law degree, I am pretty sure that Loc has a lot of success ahead of him. Also, if you don’t agree, I will hire him to fight you in court! The jury is out, Loc is one to watch, going forward!

Listen to more music from Loc, here:

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