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High Tropics Closes Out 2019 with ‘Changes’

Since Queensland based Indie Rock outfit High Tropics landed on my radar with their single, “Better Days”, they have continued to release a number of impressive tunes – and I have been paying close attention.  

Lead by frontman, Josh Stewart, High Tropics started as an offshoot of his former group The Ninjas as he looked for a way to further express his creativity – crafting tunes in his home studio that eventually caught the attention of US label Roll Call Records.  Now a well established group, High Tropics have been featured in top tier publications like Rolling Stone and have also gone on to perfect their live show – even kicking in their first international performance as part of the Project Aloft Star Asia competition, held in conjunction with Universal Music Group and Aloft Star hotels in Seoul, South Korea.

Most recently the group has unveiled their latest single, “Changes”, and it is possibly my favorite to date.  About the tune Josh says, “The song is about a general reluctance to change, yet how important change is to progress in life. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and change is forced upon us, whether it be for better or worse.”  From the infectious vocals to the driving production, their latest offering fires on all cylinders with layers of synths and thick drums creating a hypnotic and uplifting vibe.  

Finding the perfect balance between angst, hope, anxiety and relief, “Changes”, has quickly become one of my go to tunes and I am sure this one will be in rotation for some time to come.  Do yourself a favor and give it a go. 

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