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Hindsight is 20/20 in Daria V's New Single "Tongue Tied"

Reflective and upbeat, Daria V's "Tongue Tied" acknowledges past moments through a nostalgic yet slightly regretful lens. Now after some distance, Daria can see the issues in her relationship that she has ignored for so long. She struggles to connect on a deeper level because she can't see past the red flags, making it difficult to stay in something that makes it impossible to form a deeper connection. The instrumental provides a bright and cheery juxtaposition to such a heavy and introspective topic. Relatable by nature, Daria's track will keep you dancing through the ups and downs of love at it's most intense moments. Emotionally frustrated, she seems to understand that a successful relationship cannot form without trust and as a result, she moves further and further away from the potential of what could be because of what is right in front of her.

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