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Hip Hop Artist Benny Duhay Releases Debut EP “Know It All”

Off the heels of an impressive string of single releases, rapper Benny Duhay prepares to demonstrate versatility and lyrical prowess in his debut EP “Know It All”. Embracing the irony of not knowing it all but often acting like he does, Benny’s lightheartedness pairs perfectly with the ebbs and flows of a creatively dense project that fans have been actively anticipating. Through relatable lyrics, catchy pop melodies and intricate lyricism, Benny delivers a well-rounded project, showing off the multiple dimensions of his artistry. Kicking things off with the energy of “Run”, listeners are immediately greeted with braggadocious lyricism and punchy bars that warm you up for the musical journey that awaits.

Quick to follow “Run” is the title track “Know It All”. Also produced by Wardogg, “Know It All” embraces the inspiration for Benny’s EP as he captures the monotonous vibe of conversations we feel like we’ve had a million times before. Next up we have “WWBD”, where Benny speaks his future world tour into existence. His party track “Mexico” offers an all-inclusive vacation vibe perfect for his late summer release. After “Mexico”, we’re taken on a “Trip” where Benny goes back and forth with his love interest, introducing vulnerability to the project while still maintaining his fun-loving vibe. The next single “All the Way Down”, proves Benny’s unique ability for strong storytelling as he walks you through trials and tribulations in his everyday life. Ending the EP unguarded, we are left with the intensity of “Drowning” where Benny opens up about racing thoughts and finding himself as he faces off with life, both solo and strong.

A first generation American Hip Hop artist from Tel Aviv, Benny did not speak a word of English when he arrived in the states. Now, hearing him spit complex bars over fast-paced beats, Benny continues to impress listeners on an international scale. “Know It All” tops off Benny’s incredible momentum by offering a brilliant balance of skill and good vibes. Often compared to artists like G Eazy, Benny is making his mark on the industry and since we don’t already “know it all”, we hope to continue to witness the growth and expansion of his catalog for years to come. You can learn more about Benny’s past work in Medium Magazine, The Hype Magazine and The Hollywood Tribune.

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