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Hip Hop Artist Trevor Lee & Singer-Songwriter Victoria Jones Team Up in New Single “Fadin'

Quick off the heels of his widely beloved hit “Contagious Views’” rapper and viral TikTok sensation Trevor Lee gears up to release his hard-hitting single “Fadin”. In observance of World Mental Health Day, Trevor teamed up with fellow Huntsville, AL artist Victoria Jones to produce a track meant to educate people about effective ways to communicate with loved ones who wrestle with mental health. Much like “Contagious Views”, which garnered over 110k streams cross-platform, “Fadin” confronts uncertainty as it pertains to mental health while raising awareness to our interactions with those who struggle. In “Fadin”’s message encourages listeners to simply “Keep a light on” which in Trevor’s words means “Don’t give me advice when you can’t relate. Just ‘being there’ is what keeps many from going over the edge.”

“Fadin” is a highly personal piece; one that touches on topics like depression, anxiety and suicide. In it, Trevor mixes personal experiences with learned experiences about gaining back mental control when everything around him seems completely out of sync. “Fadin” is a message for the subtle and subliminal cries for helpFor those who feel like their anxiety is more of a burden to others than it is for themselves. It’s a track for those who feel scared to leave the house, especially in a turbulent year like 2020.

One thing Trevor and Victoria have in common is their ability to uplift and enlighten their listeners; they prove that no matter how hard it gets for them personally, they always choose to use their stories to lend empathy toward those dealing with similar situations. Originally sent to Trevor through voice memo, Victoria’s vision was the catalyst to the song’s creation. Knowing Trevor’s openness about his personal battle with anxiety, she felt he would be the perfect artist to give the song the justice it deserved. The music video, shot in Hazel Green, AL, takes a nostalgic stroll through their personal lives. What served as almost a homecoming for Trevor, the filming took place near ‘Knight Moves’, a location where he used to DJ. Shots of the corner store across the street brought back memories as Trevor sits in a sleek classic car donated to the set by Mann Engineering. The car symbolizes his Honda which has served as a safe space for him; a space to think, to escape and most importantly, to breathe.

Trevor has performed at festivals such as SXSW and Boomin by the Bay. He has shared billing with Houston stars Tobe Nwigwe, Bun B and acts like Big Daddy Weave & Tedashi. Also known for his Barbershop Freestyle on TikTok which amassed over 3.7M cumulative views, it’s certain he’s on a clear path to success. His choice to share complete transparency with his fans during his journey to the top is commendable and partnering with versatile artists like Victoria Jones prove the strength of his collaborative spirit.

Trevor and Victoria have a special song here; one that many can relate to as well as one that helps to heal. “Fadin” is here to remind you that if you have a friend or loved one struggling with depression or anxiety, it’s best to hold back on advising them if you can’t relate to their struggle. If you really want to be there, just leave a little light on…don’t worry, they’ll see it.

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