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A song that will make you feel like “leaning back out the top of a car in a tunnel while trying carefully not to drop your $10 ASOS sunglasses”

The “undeniably fun and hard hitting” (PileRats) hip-hop act SAFETY CLUB have returned with sophomore single “ICY”. Having burst onto the scene earlier this year and gaining traction with debut single “JUICE”, the colorful duo comprised of vocalist Ronnie Sinclair and producer Shan, are set to continue their rise straight out of the left field of hip-hop. Combining rolling synths with a hypnotic house beat, “ICY!” sets the perfect mood for late-night cruising with the homies.

“ICY” doubles down on SAFETY CLUB’s trademark effervescent vibe. It’s a tongue in cheek track ripe with swagger and playful pompousness that chronicles a day in the life of a rapper who “raps for the job he wants, not the job he has”. A live wire with the rhyming skills to back up his sashay, Ronnie raps his ode to the hustler’s life, with lyrics like “I put some suicide doors on my Honda Accord” and “I’m making rap songs / Word to the diphthongs”

SAFETY CLUB shares “ICY! pairs perfectly with the worn vinyl of your Nissan Micra but feels a little more at home cruising, late at night with the proverbial homies before you realise that (oh shit) you do actually have to go home right now. You have to go to your dog walking job at 4:30 in the morning, but it’s not that bad. You actually really enjoy the flexibility of the hours and have formed a real bond with a pair of Samoyeds”

In the accompanying video, we find Ronnie audaciously strutting his stuff and rapping against a nighttime backdrop of unassuming suburbia. Cut to shots of a humble laundromat and corner grocery store, and you know you’re a far cry from the glitz and glam of SAFETY CLUB’s fine rhymes, but it doesn’t matter to them. Ronnie Sinclair is iced and he wants you to know it. After lulling listeners into a steady slow rhythm, half-way through the track “ICY!” suddenly switches up into a section of hard bars and uber catchy hooks. It might be the morning after, but the party doesn’t stop just because Ronnie’s got to walk those aforementioned Samoyeds.

Since the release of their debut “JUICE”, Brisbane-based SAFETY CLUB have been building serious momentum – gaining early fans EARMILK, Elevator Mag, and The Hype Magazine and amassing over 83K views via their quirky TikTok content. Citing Kaytranada, Chance the Rapper, and Amine as inspiration, SAFETY CLUB’s unique style of funk-laced R&B and hip-hop influenced by the Chicago scene is fast making this rising act one to watch for the future.

Watch “ICY!” below and stay tuned for more from SAFETY CLUB soon. Banner photo credit:  Georgia Wallace

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