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Hip Hop Label ZiPPiR Collective Releases New Music Video: “Conceited”

Independent Hip Hop label ZiPPiR Collective is quick to bounce off of their recent flex track “500k” with an endlessly smooth follow-up entitled “Conceited”. Much like “500k”, the single sets itself up like a cypher with four collective members at the forefront: Kid Ziggy, JunioR Pasare, Danny J and Papa Luke. The video, filmed by Springfield, IL native: Jay Wills, offers that gritty aesthetic, reminiscent of sweaty basement concerts. The guys bring the energy that their fans know and love while organically bouncing off of one another with lyrical ease. The catchy hook was brought to the table by Kid Ziggy. JunioR Pasare introduced a new level of style and energy to his verse while Danny J, brought his typical speed and humorous bars to the song for their beloved comic relief. And Papa Luke offers a new vibe inspired by his rock roots and offbeat accents. The diversity of his verse really ties the whole song together as one. There’s a special unity that comes with a music collective and the four of these guys prove that even though the entire collective isn’t showcased here, the energy that they bring to the table does a beautiful job of captivating the energy of the collective as a whole.

ZiPPiR Collective, located in Springfield, IL, comprises Kid Ziggy, Papa Luke, RJC, JunioR Pasare, Danny J, and Maxi. Primarily focused on R&B, Hip Hop, Pop and Alternative music, they make it a point not to limit their versatility and instead, continue to expand in order to reach into each and every members true talents. They keep all of their production, songwriting and engineering in house. Following several not so stellar artist management scenarios, the collective found a common bond that reignited their collective passion for making music. Their recent performance for an official Def Jam showcase became a highlightable career moment as a springboard to features from Sy Ari Da Kid and White $osa, as well as frequent live performances across the midwest. ZiPPiR Collective gives fans everything they need; high quality production, personality, and substance. Their potential exudes through the screen; the strength and power of a collective is perfectly demonstrated here and we’re excited for the steps ahead.

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