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Hip Hop, R&B and a sprinkling of pop on BAER’s new release, “What Does It Matter&#82

Another master at breaking genre boundaries is the wonderful Canadian raised BAER. Born in Taiwan and now residing in LA, it’s clear to see how BAER has the ability to translate her multicultural life into her music. Following on from her 6-track EP, “Breathe The Same,” released last year, BAER has treated us once more with her long-awaited track, “What Does It Matter

Immediately the slick production on this track is evident with every element perfectly coming together. Not only does BAER captivate us with her soulful voice she amazes us with her sophisticated lyricism, When did we lose our innocent youth, warped and fucked by all the rules.”

Speaking on the track, BAER says:

Musically and sonically, this song is an introduction to the rest of the EP. I actually started writing this song when I took a solo trip to Ojai last summer. I was hiking up Meditation Mount, and when I reached the top and stared down at the vast scenery, with all these grand mountains and fields of green, I just had this sudden humbling realization that we are all part of something that is so much bigger than us, and that no matter what happens today, or tomorrow, or what happened five years ago, everything keeps moving and karma will eventually solve everything. So often, we focus our energy on the smallest, pettiest details and miss out on what’s really important in life. When did we stop loving? When did we stop believing, stop dreaming? I hope this song will urge people to live their best, to their fullest potential, so we all move the world in a positive direction. 

I am so excited to hear what BAER has to offer on her new EP, “Pink Formosa.” Check out her Crowdfunding page here and show some well-deserved support!

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