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Hoang and Page Stun with "Hard Part's Over"

The acoustic rendition of "Hard Part's Over" by Hoang, featuring Page, is a breathtaking reimagining of an already fantastic track. Released on Lost in Dreams, this version takes the song to a whole new level of emotional depth and intimacy. Hoang, a Vancouver-based producer and DJ, has been captivating the EDM scene since his debut in 2019, and this acoustic rendition further solidifies his versatility and artistic prowess. With over 80 million collective streams and 600,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Hoang has garnered a dedicated fan base, and this acoustic gem is sure to leave them in awe.

The beauty of this acoustic version lies in its ability to strip away the electronic elements, leaving behind a raw, authentic sound that allows Hoang's musicality and Page's vocals to shine. The gentle acoustic guitar, subtle percussion, and Page's soulful voice come together in perfect harmony, evoking a sense of vulnerability and emotion that's hard to resist. Hoang's knack for blending crossover genres while maintaining his signature style is on full display here, making "Hard Part's Over" an enchanting and timeless piece of music. In 2022, Hoang embarked on an impressive tour across 15 cities in the USA alongside ELEPHANTE, sponsored by the renowned record label 88rising. His journey through the EDM scene has been nothing short of remarkable, with signings on labels like Monstercat and Lost in Dreams.

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