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Hopsin & Dax Prepare for The End of Days on ‘You Should’ve Known’ [VIDEO]

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – Hip Hop is without a doubt the most over saturated and (a lot of times) uninspired genre out there these days.  The fact that it is statistically the most popular genre in the US (and beyond), only helps to ensure that there are too many artists that sound like too many other artists – trying to ride a wave and bank off whatever sound is new and hot.  Luckily there are still artists out there bringing the heat – doing their own thing and refusing to become just another fly by nighter.  Enter Hopsin and Dax and their new tune, “You Should’ve Known”. 

It only took me about 10 seconds of watching their new video that I knew I was going to have to share it.  The BirdBox inspired video features impressive cinematography and captivating scenes that will have you refusing to look away.  Beyond the video both artist go absolutely HAM on the record, sending warning shots at anyone who dared to question their arrival.

While Hopsin has been making waves for sometime, emerging artist Dax hold his own in prime fashion, with both artists bringing aggressive bars and unwavering energy from beginning to end.  I have been rocking this one heavy and have no plans on stopping anytime soon.  This is a riot anthem.  Get pumped.

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