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Hot Collars Are Here for ‘Good Fun’

Sometimes as a blog writer you get sent tunes that are so often infectious that an introduction and background information are nearly irrelevant.  Luckily, the latest tune, “Good Fun”, from UK group Hot Collars is exactly that.

From the opening note, an upbeat vocal grabs the listener before opening up into a pumping, psychedelic, surf-inspired jam.  With minimal lyrics, the tune relies rather on hip swaying rhythms, incredibly catchy, anthemic vocal melodies and an overall mood boosting aura.  The new single, features layered, distorted vocals over a guitar driven, fast-paced production.  Quick to put the listener into a trance, any inhibitors are thrown out of the window and replaced by sunshine and melody.

While I know literally nothing else about Hot Collars, I can tell you they sure know how to make you feel good.  Releasing what has instantly become of of my go to morning commute jams, they’ve gained a new fan and I’ll be keeping tabs on them for sure.  This is a vibe.

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