• Nicholas Zallo

Human Barbie take Things Back to Basics with ‘nineteen80’ [VIDEO]

Next up is a tune I nearly passed on – listened to a few more times – fell in love – and listened to many more times.  Out of the gate, simply put, this is not my usual vibe… but this one is a grower… I promise.  Formed in 2018 by songwriter Christopher Leopold, Human Barbie, “is an amalgamation of a lifetime of AM-radio road trips and midnight vinyl.

Brought to life by a beautifully simple live video, the performance only helps to solidify how organic everything about this tune is.  A straight up jam at its finest, there are no distractions, no tricks and no need to try to pretend to be anything it is not.  Do yourself a favor and check this one out… It’ll be worth it.

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