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Human Barbie take Things Back to Basics with ‘nineteen80’ [VIDEO]

Next up is a tune I nearly passed on – listened to a few more times – fell in love – and listened to many more times.  Out of the gate, simply put, this is not my usual vibe… but this one is a grower… I promise.  Formed in 2018 by songwriter Christopher Leopold, Human Barbie, “is an amalgamation of a lifetime of AM-radio road trips and midnight vinyl.

For their latest tune, “nineteen80”, a sense of melancholy and an undeniable richness hits you from the very first strum of guitar.  Via hypnotic vocals and moody progressions the tune pulls the listener in and keeps them locked.  Perfectly timed harmonies, intricate embellishments, slick solos and a whole lot of analog warmth create an unbreakable wall of sound that I can’t help but feel deep in my soul.  Recorded directly to tape and processed completely out of the box, “nineteen80”, feels nostalgic in texture and fresh in style.

Brought to life by a beautifully simple live video, the performance only helps to solidify how organic everything about this tune is.  A straight up jam at its finest, there are no distractions, no tricks and no need to try to pretend to be anything it is not.  Do yourself a favor and check this one out… It’ll be worth it.

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