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I’m Not Healing | Just Surviving

Earlier this year, London based Indie Pop artist Steve Hughes launched his solo project, August and he has recently added to the catalog with his latest release, “HEAL“.

The emotional tune starts low key with a pulsating bass and mellow keys supporting the vocals before picking up with some percussion leading to an anthemic hook.  While the tune carries an underlying feeling of triumph, there is no doubt that it comes from a dark place.  About the track Steve says, The initial idea came after a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. Myself, and a bunch of close friends, felt totally helpless seeing someone we cared about hit by tragedy so young and all we could do was hope for a miracle. HEAL taps into that desire for hope to reach into a dark place.

As seems to often be the case, some of the best music comes from the darkest places inside of us.  Even before knowing the back story, this song made me feel.  And that is what music is all about.

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