• Nicholas Zallo

I see Gold in KAEYRA’s Future

I am in love with the new single from 16 year old (are you kidding me -16?) Chicago songstress KAEYRA.  While this is the first thing I have heard from her (Which I’m pissed about) I will for sure be keeping tabs.

The lead track from her new 7-track album of the same name, “Fountains of Gold“, is an emotional tune rooted in R&B blended with a touch of Soul.  Behind the stellar vocal performance, there are lingering feelings of pain, longing and loss perfectly delivered to hit you deep.  The lyrics are accessible enough to resonate, but metaphorical enough to make you think.

While the production remains low key, it is clean and dynamic – perfectly fitting for the vocals, which deserve the room to shine.  Seriously… power, range and precision, this is one of my favorite vocal performances of late and I can’t get enough.

Keep an eye out for the official video dropping soon and check the full project below.

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