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I V E S: Putting the “band” Back in “BoyBand” with New Single “Let Me

I V E S is an upcoming band from Manchester who have an enormous sound and their latest track “Let Me Know” is a great sign of promise. The band consists of five members from all around the world, ranging in origin from Sweden to Mexico to the UK. Having only met ten months ago at the Royal Northern College of Music, the group sounds as though they’ve always played together. Within their preferred realm of Indie-Pop, energy is a make-or-break determining factor which I V E S definitely has. “Let Me Know”, despite having a tinge of lyrical darkness, is an uplifting Pop smash that can be listened to at any time. The group’s sound is built on the immense vocal presence of all 5 members, creating full and rich harmonies and allowing for hard hitting instrumentation that will not overshadow the lyrics. Although this collective is relatively unknown for the time being, they possess infinite potential to be a global success.

“Let Me Know” is the kind of track to make you forget you were upset until you catch yourself singing the lyrics. The song is about the constant search for love and escaping the feelings of discomfort. This sentiment is easy to connect with as the huge vocal swings, harmonies, and guitar riffs supply an uplifting and catchy support that allows the listener to reflect and feel at ease. I V E S is distinctly fun to listen to, they have the indescribable quality of simply putting a smile on your face. As they learn, grow, and develop their sound even more, they will be capable of being successful no matter which direction they choose to go. Whether it be Pop music or not, I V E S has the charm, the sound, and musical ability to finally put the “band” back in “boyband”.

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