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Ian Osher Owns His Journey in “Never Alone”

We are so excited about Ian Osher’s latest hit! “Never Alone” takes a looks at the beauty of independence, especially as it pertains to being in a relationship. What has been coined a “love anthem” will get you out of your seat in seconds as we are introduced to a lush soundscape of pop, r&b and electronic influences. “Never Alone” almost feels reminiscent of the early 2000’s Warped Tour days; his emo vocal delivery suits the beat well as he seamlessly collaborates with Mark Diedrichson (AKA Farco), offering fans a more stripped down vibe as compared to his previous tracks.

About Ian Osher: Having wrestled with mental health since his early years, Ian has had to overcome a brutal fight with alcoholism and addiction. Taking his first drink during sophomore year was what Ian describes as a “spiritual experience”. But grappling with this disease has made it harder to cope with the many hardships that life threw at him. Drinking caused all of his worries to fade away…but after a few frats, drugs and hardships later, Ian went to rehab; left to battle his hardest fight yet. His journey has been fraught with trauma as he held onto dangerous ways to escape. But today, he’s happy to say that he is now officially three years sober and now that he’s in recovery, Ian remains dedicated to helping others overcome the challenges of alcoholism. He hopes to use his platform to reach out to those in need and eventually, he hopes to start a foundation of his very own. His long-term goals for his music are dedicated to distributing a message of self-care, healing and the beauty of self-expression. With his top song on Spotify reaching over 120,000 streams, Ian is an artist to watch and he’s ready to end 2021 on a high note with the release of “Never Alone” on all streaming platforms.

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