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Iben Gets Real About Self Esteem in Her Latest Single, "Childish"

It can be somewhat of a balancing act to sort out your emotions when you're in a relationship. Often, you give so much of yourself away to put the other person up on a pedestal, that you might diminish your own sense of self worth. Iben outlines her own struggle with this complex duality with her latest single "Childish".

Hailing from Norway, the 20 year old singer puts together a unique blend of pop vocals and gritty synth soundscapes backed up by a far from typical trap beat. Iben makes it clear throughout the track that, more than anything else, she wants to be heard and made to feel that she can be vulnerable with her partner and with herself, a struggle that most would empathize with.

Having previously released her music independently, "Childish" is Iben's first single under Sailor Music, based out of Oslo, Norway.

It's easy to see that Iben is already taking big steps in her musical career, and with her rapid establishment in the Scandinavian pop scene, we can't wait to see her development in the near future. So be sure keep your eyes on this one!

Listen to more like Iben here:

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