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Icon South Drops a Bomb with ‘Succubus’

In a world of cookie cutter productions, sound alike artists and a lack of originality, we are always looking for artists who bring something new to the table.  RockDafuqOut regular Icon South is one such artist – breaking the rules, marching to the beat of his own 808’s and making everyone take notice.

From his frequent collaborations with friend Neko Savvy, to adding major credits to his resume including Trippie Redd, Icon South is quickly becoming one of the most underrated producers out there – but that won’t be for long.  Recently Icon South dropped his new BANGER, “Succubus”, and it is an outright assault on the eardrums.  The instrumental, festival Trap leaning track relies on impressive sound design, a slick arrangement and overall quality production techniques to not only make sure it slaps, but to make sure It stands out as 100% Icon South.  

Funky rhythms, huge hits, pitchy synth lines, intricate embellishments and an undeniable, menacing vibe take over from the jump, slowly leading up into the face melting drop. Shit is straight gross in the best of ways.  

About the tune, Icon South offers, “A succubus is a demon in female form, or supernatural entity in folklore, that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. This track is a picture of man that is like a puppet that cannot escape the lure of the succubus. He is being manipulated as a witch pokes and prods a voodoo doll.

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘The Dirt’ playlist on Spotify!

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