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Icon South & Neko Savvy are Going IN [VIDEO]

There is nothing I love more than collaborations between friends/contemporaries/colleagues that come off as if there is no effort involved.  To take that even further – to actually have fun while you’re doin it?  Can you even imagine?! Music being fun?! Fuck.

LA Producer/DJ Icon South and rapper Neko Savvy have been hard at work, compiling several tunes and drilling my inbox hard with the turn up.  So much so, that I can barely keep up…

On a quest to prove that it is not always about the gear, financial backing, and media, the two buds hit the Apple store at the local mall – making a beat and recording on a computer in store, and making sure they brought a camera man along to shoot an official video to match.

I love everything about this… and the tune hits.

Making sure to keep the heat on, the duo then hit me with, “Ciao”, accompanied by a fresh video that they shot out in LA, Malibu & Dallas.  Once again Icon South delivers with a haunting and hard hitting beat while Neko goes ham.

Just to flex a bit harder and to show other up and coming artists how it’s done, Icon South and Neko Savvy quickly followed both releases up with, “Fund$”, featuring Yak The Mak who brings a more laid back vibe in comparison to the vicious Neko Savvy verses.

In a world dominated by content and with attention spans shorter than ever, these two artists seem to know the importance of staying in people’s faces – and the are doing it in prime fashion.

Make sure you keep an eye on Icon South and Neko Savvy!

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