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"II", the brand new EP by Nature Loves Courage, explores the complexity of human relationships

As of September 29th, Nature Loves Courage's II can be listened to on most streaming services.

The five track EP combs through a luscious soundscape consisting of pop, electronica, and rock heavy beats. Exploring the patterns of common relationships, II offers an engaging and relatable listen.

II marks Nature Loves Courage's first full EP. Charging in at just eighteen minutes in length, the EP flows and fluctuates effortlessly with lead singer McKenna Rowe's intoxicating vocals at the forefront. Often compared to Jessie Ware or Annie Lennox, Rowe's silky smooth vocal timbre scratches the perfect itch.

For Nature Loves Courage, a bulk of the songwriting for the EP takes place in Rowe's home studio. After the fact, II was mixed and mastered by Erik Sonderlon and Maor Appelbaum at Cosmo Lofts, respectively.

Ultimately, II serves as an intriguing way to break down the different dynamics in your life. Consisting of bass-heavy beats that intertwine with twinkling synths, the EP traverses its way through an intriguing sonic arena of modern pop delicacies. At the helm of the EP's concept, we hear five spectacular tracks that discuss the narrator's relationship with art, social media, and unfair power dynamics.

Driven by an obsession with loops and beats, melodic pianist and lead vocalist McKenna Rowe set out to create her own signature sound combining earthy with electronic, with grooves inspired by the industrial trip hop acts of her youth, such as Massive Attack. With this in mind, Nature Loves Courage adopted bassist Jacob Bergman, drummer Garrett Smith, and guitarist Joe De Sa to further polish their electronic-forward production.

Listen to II today.

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