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ILIRA Drops Sassy Second Single ‘GET OFF MY D!CK’ [VIDEO]

When people think about hot spots for up and coming talent, there are many territories that usually come to mind before Albania – but over the last few years, a number of Albanian artists have been topping the charts and changing that perspective.

The newest export adding to the hype is Kosovo-Albanian Pop princess ILIRA.  Raised in a small Swiss town, from a young age ILIRA found inspiration and a bit of rebellion in the music of artists from Rihanna to Nirvana.  After performing on a number of televised Swiss and Albanian talent shows, she began to upload clips of her performing to Instagram – eventually leading to a move to Berlin where she was quickly picked up by Sony Music Germany

With such a massive machine behind her, coupled with a 4 octave range and a whole lot of sass, ILIRA is now poised to become one of the most exciting new artists in the Pop world.  Most recently, she has unleashed her second single, “GET OFF MY D!CK“, while plays as a war cry for all of the people pleasers in the world.  Produced by London-based hitmaker Bhav, the new tune puts ILIRA’s impressive vocals on full display while tongue in cheek lyrics make sure the track connects to the masses.

With a dynamic, bubbly electronic beat laying the foundation, moody verses break out into an anthemic hook that will without a doubt having you singing along.  While I may not be the target audience for this track, I’d be lying If I said I haven’t been driving around belting out, “GET OF MY MY MY MY.

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