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imHAPPY Drop Debut Single “How’s It Feel?”

There is nothing that gets our blood flowing quite like a fresh debut from a brand new artist. Since discovering new music is pretty much all we care about, when a new artist hits our inbox for the first time and immediately catches our ear, we can’t help but be excited for what else they may have in the pipeline. Recently, San Diego based duo imHAPPY dropped off, “How’s It Feel?“, in our inbox and we have been rocking it heavy ever since.

Comprised of Taylor Landress and Kendall Johnson, imHAPPY is ready to make some major waves with their signature sound. Pulling inspiration from artists like TheKidLaroi, MGK and Travis Barker, imHAPPY are without a doubt a welcome addition to the ever-expanding Pop-Punk scene and seem ready to push boundaries even further.

On their debut single, “How’s it Feel?“, they craft a chill yet slapping production and both singer/songwriters take turns delivering captivating performances finding the perfect balance between playful bounce and youthful angst. Perfectly crafted with a clean mix, dynamic arrangement and relatable lyrics, this first offering is more than enough to get new fans on board. While this tune seems hella familiar, imHAPPY make sure to maintain some originality by adding some secret sauce – making sure this one stands out. Do yourself a favor and run it up!

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