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Indie Alternative Artist Roger Jaeger Delivers Hope & High Vibrations in “Daylight”

Currently residing in northern California, indie-alternative artist Roger Jaeger’s music, channels a feeling that the world is truly desperate for. In “Daylight”, his raw vulnerability stems from the early days of the pandemic, when we were all reaching for a sense of hope to get us through what were truly dark times. Reassuring us that the night will soon be over, “Daylight” feels like a sunrise, as we dance among larger than life soundscapes reminiscent of bands like Coldplay. His rare blend of genres captivates listeners from all over the world, landing him major placements in shows like General Hospital and the movie “Lights, Camera, Romance”. His new single precedes a major show announcement where he’ll be performing as part of SXSW 2023 at Labelcoin House on Wednesday March 15th.

“Writing Daylight was a step of faith - I needed it for myself” says Jaeger. “When the pandemic began all of my shows were canceled and disappointment and apprehension set in. I needed some hope that there was light at the end of the tunnel, and maybe this song will do that for other people too.”

Having graced stages from Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe to pubs across Ireland, Jaeger’s music continues to prove its universal appeal. While not making music, he collects creative inspiration from his many travels across the globe as well as his introspective dips into some of his favorite books including The War of Art and Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist. Roger also teaches songwriting for The University of The Nations in India. You can feel his well-rounded nature through his music and “Daylight” definitely does not disappoint. “Daylight” comes ahead of his next highly anticipated single, set for release in late March of 2023.

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