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Indie Pop Artist Jeremy Stinson Releases Melodic New Single “Runnin”

Nashville’s indie pop scene is booming and Jeremy Stinson joins the celebrations with his danceable new single “Runnin”. Recorded in his home state of South Carolina, “Runnin” reflects on the emotional rollercoaster of unrequited love. “Runnin” is a song for those often caught in the throws of uneven romance; it’s for listeners who feel as if they’re doing all the giving while someone else does all the taking. In lines like “I’ve been chasing the idea that we could make this work, but you say it’s not in your design // I know that you gave me a world of hurt, oh I loved it every time” Jeremy delivers a relatable sentiment, communicating an energetic imbalance that’ll inevitably end in heartbreak. His authentic messaging aligns with his personal career goals; he wishes to deliver relatable sentiments communicated through music with a wide appeal.

Jeremy’s transition to Nashville was a no brainer; the south is his home and the diverse and eclectic scene that Nashville has to offer is undeniable. While attending Middle Tennessee State University, he thrived playing keyboard for several different bands, reaffirming his interest in pursuing music full-time. But Jeremy’s musical background stretches far beyond his college years. His Grandfather was a jazz pianist and his Great Grandfather a country ragtime piano player. Inspired by his family’s musicality, Jeremy first tried his hand at classical music. While being fully self-taught, he did not find much interest in it, which led to a quick transition to a more pop and rock feel while jamming on his keyboard with friends in high school bands. Jeremy’s talents, interests and genuine love for songwriting shine in songs like “Runnin”; his authentic contribution to a thriving genre is refreshingly equipped to tackle even the most turbulent of breakup songs. “Runnin” is one of several relatable tracks which Jeremy plans to release throughout the remainder of 2020.

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