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Indie Pop Artist Lorelei Marcell Drops “Stranger” EP Led by Focus Track: “How to Love Somebody”

Quick to follow her hit “Nothing Hurts Better”, which illustrated the emotional roller coaster of a big life change, the illustrious indie pop artist Lorelei Marcell is back with perhaps her most contemplative EP yet “Stranger”. Led with a vulnerable focus track “How to Love Somebody”, the “Stranger” EP brilliantly embodies relatable feelings of sadness but also clarity. What Lorelei has mastered is the art of producing an incredibly light and vibrant pop hit interwoven with vulnerable, heart-on-sleeve storytelling to communicate several phases of her personal journey. In “How to Love Somebody”, we explore the moment when someone falls in love and nothing else seems to matter. Her EP celebrates several ‘firsts’ with “How to Love Somebody” delivering a message inspired by her first love and the moments she took to learn what is truly important to her in relationships.

“Oh take a breath and take it easy, finding out that it’s hard to do / I do my best but honestly, I’d rather do it all with you” ~ How to Love Somebody

“Stranger” successfully captures all of the existential parts of heartbreak, change and even joy. From front to back, the project has a timeless energy to it while never missing a beat on a modern pop song structure fit for the mainstream. In “How to Love Somebody”, she reflects on a relationship that she put her all into; a character trait that has prevented her from pursuing too many of them. In the song, she stresses the need for balance between what she needs and what her partner needs in order to create a healthy, long-lasting love that doesn’t end in another unforgettable heartache. Relationships require a lot of passion and commitment, and Lorelei wanted to reflect exactly what might go through someone's head, when they enter one.

Born outside of Philadelphia, Lorelei was brought up in a suburb of Boston and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. The young pop artist has not only gathered over a million cumulative streams independently but has also drawn the likes of GRAMMY® Award-nominated songwriter JHart [Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Usher] to her corner. During 2019, she made her debut with “Losing Myself,” amassing 131k Spotify streams and 109K YouTube views. On its heels, the breezy “Summertime High” drew 312K YouTube views. Co-written with Valerie Broussard [Kygo, Galantis], Stefan Lit [One Direction, Andy Grammar], and Shannon McArthur [Dashboard Confessional], “Dreamin About You” maintained her momentum with nearly 300K total on-demand streams. Lorelei’s music continues to defy both era and categorization. Lorelei’s music has been featured in Wonderland Magazine, LadyGunn, FLAUNT and many more.

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