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Certain songs can cut straight through to the core of a person, resonating and evoking an emotional response that was never expected. Such songs are the type released and delivered by musical duo Flora Cash. The music created by the Swedish/American pair is both powerful and emotionallydriven, creating an opportunity for existential self reflection and provoking exploration of the mind, world, and your relationship to it. The Bright Lights is a song “about being addicted to a hard/rough lifestyle,” say Flora Cash. The single was released by the duo under their own label, Flower Money Records, and is a mixture of beautiful composition and deep lyrical content. The resonating piano and slow drum score create an atmosphere of sadness while the quirky, playful, melodic, tone of guitar offers a “light at the end of the tunnel.” The single offers a picture into a lifestyle of hard living, in the pursuit of an unattainable fix. The kind of lifestyle that comes from an addiction to living fast and loose, but always hoping for a soft peaceful ending. In this way The Bright Lights becomes a sort of allegory, in that it reveals itself the same way, an emotionallydriven piece of art that delivers you safely through the storm to a soft finish. The Bright Lights, is a beautiful sonic journey of passionate and vulnerable vocals and lyrics combined with haunting melody, that lingers in your brain, between your ears, and on the tip of your tongue.

Flora Cash is not afraid to go to the scary places of the human soul. The pair met via Soundcloud and immediately found kinship through music. They create music that takes you to the uncomfortable places, where tempers are high, feelings are volatile, and actions are unpredictable, but the music shows you that these places are familiar to us all, and are not the “offlimits” areas of existence we need to avoid on a daily basis. “They go straight to places where tears are shed, chairs are thrown, discussions of parting are present, but the music is created regardless.”

The Bright Lights, is a song created about working through it and also to help you, do just that. In a time that is filled with emotional confusion and restlessness, there could not be a better suited song to help cope. Unapologetic and rightfully so, Flora Cash is a platinum certified indie/pop duo available on all DSP’s and streaming services, that you really should listen to.

Listen to more from Flora Cash, here:

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