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Indie Pop Duo ‘HOAX’ Create A Modern Vintage Vibe With New Single “more than you k

Have you ever wondered what an indie-pop waltz would sound like? Well, Brooklyn duo HOAX can fulfill that curiosity with their newest single “more than you know”. The song was inspired by classic Elvis and Beach Boys hits, making a very fitting backdrop for a modern love song about the dichotomies between modern dating app romances and traditional arranged marriages.

‘more than you know’ is about the unspoken acknowledgements, understandings, and sacrifices in love over the readily observable and easily said aspects. The initial inspiration for the lyrics stemmed from exploring the parallels between my parents’ traditional arranged marriage — where your parents find you a best match — and modern dating app romances — where an algorithm finds you a best match. Growing up on cartoons and shows where marriage is glamorized as the result of passionate love, I was almost embarrassed about my parents’ marriage. They obviously had a choice in the matter, but it was based more so on blind trust in their parents’ intuitions.” says lead vocalist Mike Raj.

The track falls right in line with their ethos, which is writing about the human condition, explorations of social constructs, and the decisions people make based on them, all tucked underneath pop melodies. “more than you know” is the band’s first release in 2020 following their 2019 singles – “Could”, “Unamerican Dream”, “You Get So Alone Sometimes”, and “unconditional” – all which will be part of the band’s debut album, b? (part i), set to release in August 2020, and we can’t wait!

The album is said to follow conceptual stories about the human condition. “more than you know” was specifically inspired by Mike’s parent’s 25+ years of arranged marriage and how improbable it is that they’re still happily together. “I think that is also a testament to how love can be expressed nonverbally and in many different ways.” he says. “When love is formed in passionate youth, words might come easier in expressing that love. But on the other hand, love that has been gently groomed and watered to blossom by shared experience, lows and highs, sacrifice and pain – those words might come a little slower, even if they are undoubtedly felt and understood. That is what this song is about.”

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