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Indie Pop-Punk Artist Oli Outside Releases Fratelli’s-Inspired Hit “Follow Me Home”

A quick follow-up to his emotional single “Weigh You Down”, buzzing pop-punk artist Oli Outside introduces a ‘Chelsea Dagger’-esque hit that’ll keep you dancing from beginning to end – “Follow Me Home”. The song aims to push the demons out of his head and instead, introduce less self-destructive habits into his everyday life. Understanding the weight that these thoughts can have on the psyche, he refers to the demons as ‘sirens’, who in Greek mythology were known as dangerous creatures who lured nearby sailors with enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. Demons blanket themselves in temptation when in reality, they can only lead to negative outcomes. 

Oli offers a sound for lovers of Vampire Weekend, Twenty One Pilots, and nostalgic mid-2000’s emo-pop. The inspiration to produce a chord progression similar to that of popular Scottish rock band The Fratelli’s famous track “Chelsea Dagger” tugs at the heartstrings of lovers of timeless music. Each instrument in “Follow Me Home” was played either by Oli or a friend after he wrote out the sheet music. It incorporates piano, guitar, drums, and trumpets, all recorded in a small town in Connecticut called New London. It’s very rare that an indie song with such a memorable chorus also includes elements of hip hop, offering a clear display of Oli’s unique versatility. He hopes the track motivates people to see light in the dark times and to stand by their convictions rather than giving into demons. 

Oli Outside’s versatility extends beyond his music; he creates everything in house, including his merchandise. With dreams of being a fashion designer, he hopes to channel his unique strengths into multiple creative endeavors. Known for his energetic and captivating live performances, Oli has successfully garnered over 700K streams on Spotify alone. The love for his music motivates fans to create content on platforms like YouTube and Tik Tok. Something about his songs inspires others to bring the music to life; with impressive songwriting credits for artists like Louis The Child and The Plain White T’s, Oli has been organically climbing the ladder of success with a productive and collaborative ethos. Having had to learn the hard way and start over several times in his career, he continues to come back stronger and more creative by doing what he does best: putting the fans first.

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