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  • Nicholas Zallo

Indie Rock Band Kuwalla Rides the Waves of The Music Industry in Dynamic New Single “Sea Creature”

It won’t be long before Kuwalla becomes your new favorite indie rock band. Hailing out of Los Angeles, the band has rode the waves of summer with several single releases leading up to their current track “Sea Creature”. “Sea Creature” delivers the relatable message of feeling like no matter what you do, your hard work may never be seen or celebrated. There is no direct path to success in the music industry, which can cause artists to cast doubt on the process and journey to fame. “To be blunt, “Sea Creature” is about feeling like a loser” says lead singer Kyle. “Feeling as if all the hard work you put in goes unrecognized, getting you nowhere.” The track references a ‘lowly’ creature found in the deepest depths of the sea. The symbolism and comparison of the music industry to an ocean is impressively accurate. Much like the industry, an ocean is filled with undiscovered beings, many of who might inspire an eagerness to continue discovering new species.

“Sea Creature” is meant to inspire fellow artists who find themselves feeling the same way, to hold their head up and trust the process. One thing Kuwalla understands is that persistency is key & maintaining faith in the best possible outcome is what keeps indie artists like Kuwalla fueled and motivated to create great art. Instrumentally, the track offers hard hitting drums & guitar riffs under an infectious song-structure similar to something you might hear from a band like Weezer or The Pixies. The song offers melodic breakdowns reminiscent of The Beatles as it delivers lyrics like “I’m swimming through the reef like a shark on a mission” to describe their hunger and drive to find success in the music industry.

Starting in 2018, the LA-based band began playing shows up and down the west coast to test out their new-found beloved sound in front of LIVE audiences. Show history includes House of Blues, The Roxy, Resident LA and many more. Comprised of four versatile musicians, (Kyle Sain – Lead Vocals & Guitar // Brian Huynh – Lead Guitar & Vocals // Marty Griffin – Drums // Danny Leserman – Bass & Keyboard), the band grabs their musical influences from what they listened to growing up. The band has received praise from major publications like Medium, Substream, Tattoo Magazine & most recently, The Hollywood Tribune. From Indie Alternative to Hard Rock to Blues, they hope to take the music of their environment, modernize it, and share it with the world for years to come.

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