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Indie Rock Band The Foxfires Release New Single “Orion”

NYC’s beloved indie rock band The Foxfires call for peace and love during the most turbulent of times. Their new single “Orion” is a conscientious response to a year when everything seems uncertain. The melodic new anthem presents dream pop and shoegaze influences, seamlessly paired with lyrics that reflect the endless social and biological wars we currently face. The melodies evoke optimism, harmony and peace. Orion, known as ‘The Huntsman’ in Greek Mythology, represents the magnitude of our current state of conflict. In divisive times, we put up walls to protect us from what’s on the other side. With “Orion”, The Foxfires aim to illuminate the core civility of society, tear down interpersonal walls and introduce positivity and a sense of nostalgia to reawaken social synergy.

Formed in 2013, The Foxfires were quick to cultivate their own unique sound and subgenre called Seagaze, combining the psychedelic nature of shoegaze, the energy and dance of pop-rock and post-punk, and the oceanic ambience of surf rock with a positive message. Their ethos radiates fluidity, optimism and an organic sense of togetherness. They have performed over 450 shows across the East Coast, South, and Midwest while releasing five singles, two EPs, and one full length record. Receiving praise from Paste Magazine, Impose and many more, the band has quickly developed a loyal following of fans that embrace their innovative nature and overwhelmingly positive spirit. Successful sync placements include Discovery Networks, Homemade Soul Music, Audiosparks, Roadtrip Nation, NASCAR, and Bring Your Own Board Music Libraries. Having headlined at the United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, the East Coast Music Conference, the Hudson Valley Music Summit and many more, it’s no question their energy thrives in a live setting. Since The Foxfires cannot play for a live audience in 2020, they’ve decided to bring the same radiant energy to the studio to produce hits like “Orion” for fans and followers to play when they need a dose of positivity in a year like 2020.

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