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Ink to Spill Celebrates Past Memories in “Motion of the Ocean”

A nostalgic glimpse at fond memories, Ink to Spill’s upcoming hit “Motion of the Ocean” tugs at the heartstrings as the band concludes their trilogy of singles “Before a Beginning, An Ending”. With “Motion”, we continue on an emotional journey throughout their lead songwriter’s past recollections of both good and bad experiences with family. In the trilogy’s first single “Hyd’N”, songwriter Bob Sauer took a look at his late father’s struggle with alcohol addiction where he spoke of painful memories and the effects they had on him and other family members while growing up. In the trilogy’s second single “Hollow Bar of Gold”, he tackled the topic of greed and how it ultimately brought out the worst in his uncle. Now with “Motion”, we’re delivered a more positive remembrance as Bob reflects on the times when he and his father felt like the best of friends; a beautiful nod to how important it is not to forget about the good times in life.

As a kid, his weekends were often spent on the Great South Bay of Long Island, fishing, clamming, and body surfing with his dad at Sailors Haven. In the video for “Motion”, we witness Bob prepare to release his father’s ashes in the exact place where all of these irreplaceable memories were made. The visual does an excellent job of portraying the genuine emotion reminiscent of his father at his best self. Musically, we are given the signature soulful vocal delivery by lead vocalist Gus Reeves paired with soft drum patterns by none other than internationally-renowned drummer Ernie Adams. Seamlessly paired with reflections of days worth remembering, the song is perfectly paced with what might be Ink to Spill’s most endearing video yet. 

Throughout Bob’s teen years, he and his dad weren’t always on the same page, but no matter what they were upset with each other about, they always made it a point to play basketball together. They’d play all afternoon and sometimes through the summer nights until they were both exhausted. The ritual lasted throughout Bob’s college years and into his early years as a father. In a bout of comedic relief, his father would cheat as often as possible all the way up until his very last game. The Motion of the Ocean built the foundation of their relationship and basketball became the home that sat upon it.

Having received high praises from Grit Daily, The Hype Magazine, Medium Magazine, Thrive Global, Tattoo Magazine, The Virginian-Pilot, The Hollywood Tribune and many more, the coast-to-coast-to-coast band continues to make waves, touch hearts and advocate for all that is good, while effortlessly remaining true to themselves. We look forward to more heart-on-the-sleeve storytelling in 2022.

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