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Ink to Spill Releases Captivating New Hit “Hollow Bar of Gold”

We’ve been following their journey for a while now and with each single we learn more about the members of Ink to Spill. Not shy to tell the stories of their childhood or to share viewpoints on issues or events, the alternative rock band never fails to disappoint. In their new song and second single of a hard-hitting trilogy: Before A Beginning, An Ending, “Hollow Bar of Gold” tells a story from songwriter Bob Sauer’s tremulous past over soothing guitar strums. Taking more of a mellow approach to their usual rock/blues arrangements, the band stays consistent in its vulnerability by telling a story about what happens when greed gets the best of you.

“We all knew he was a mess, We all knew, it’d end in peace and rest / We thought you’d be there for your sister left alone, Turns out you had plans of your own” – Hollow Bar of Gold

Bob always considered his uncle to be one of his better friends in life and his uncle always considered Bob’s mom to be an older sister. But while Bob’s grandparents were still alive, he always found it odd to hear his uncle constantly commenting on how Bob’s mom and dad would end up with a modest majority of the inheritance., Bob’s mother had taken far more care of his grandparents than their sons until the very end; however when his grandma died, his uncle found a sneaky way to work her modest recognition out of the equation by taking advantage of Bob’s father’s addiction. “Hollow Bar of Gold”’s turbulent tale is an extension of Bob’s fathers’ long term struggles with alcoholism, hence the trilogy. Spill’s raw and very vulnerable approach to songwriting is highlighted perfectly in the video for “Hollow Bar of Gold” where we see lead singer Gus Reeves sitting on a stool, strumming the guitar and telling this story in a way that connects you to the heart of Bob’s tale.

“Never underestimate the power of greed…it can ruin business deals….it can ruin friendships…it can ruin families….Ironically, it can strengthen the relationships of those left behind!” – Bob Sauer

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