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Ink To Spill’s New Music Video Documents The Tensions Around Immigration in America

Not too long ago, beloved alt rock band ‘Ink to Spill’ released their conceptual new track “Where Went Jose?”. The song explores the recent turbulence caused by stricter laws around immigration reform. It delivers a story of betrayal and grief expressed through the innocent eyes of a child. Well, after high demand, they’ve released the official music video and it’s about to blow your mind!

As soon as you thought you couldn’t feel worse about the turbulence and social unrest that these past four years have brought upon us, Ink to Spill’s creative new track paints very real struggles through the eyes of a child which undoubtedly tugs hard on the heartstrings. The bold release features footage from DACA protests, documenting the pain and suffering that people have had to continuously to go through in order to feel safe and protected. The video is bound to make an impact as we continue the conversation about the constant tensions surrounding immigration reform in this country.

For more info, be to follow Ink to Spill on Facebook here.

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