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Inverness Sways With an Assist from William Bolton

NYC transplant and NYU graduate inverness originally began his journey in Iowa and rural Chicago.  Growing up he was able to experience some classical musical training leading to years of studying production and recording – all coming together to help him create the sound that he is now well known for.    Memorable melodies and lush chord progressions form the foundation of everything he creates while some major production chops and a clear understanding of the music he is creating join the fold.

Whatever he is doing, people are clearly paying attention.  His resume continues to expand while some highlights already include an official remix for The Chainsmokers, New Music Friday placements, millions of streams and a slot at EDC New York (to name a few).  

For his latest tune, “Breathe, he enlisted Detroit born, LA based 23 year old singer/songwriter Willy B (William Bolton) who delivers a memorable and accessible performance by touching on some of the most common human emotions – anxiety, self-doubt and a desire to be great.  About the collaboration, Inverness says, “When Will heard this record, he immediately sent my manager a vocal demo of the track. His message resonated with me, as I’m sure it would with most 20-somethings: that there is always a persistent, omnipresent feeling of pressure, whether to have everything lined up and figured out or to achieve your full potential. Keeping your head above water is hard, and in the end you will never know if you did the absolute best you could. Sometimes you can find some respite in others, but countless times you will always come home to yourself with those nagging thoughts. After a few writing touch ups together in LA, we felt we communicated our feelings of frustrating uncertainty and stress. Will perfectly matched the darker and spacious tones of the production, and I’m happy to have the final version find its home at BonFire.”

While Willy B handles the vocal duties, Inverness deliveries beautifully on the production end.  Perfectly melding acoustic and electronic elements into a seamless and infectious beat.  From the mix to the arrangement and instrumentation, there is nothing about this production that isn’t spot on.  Willy B offers his two cents on the tune. “Breathe is an emotional song that will have you in your feels and ready to rage at the same time. I wrote the lyrics to Breathe to encapture the feelings of uncertainty that growing up and figuring out life brings. Rob (inverness) is one of the most talented producers I’ve ever met, and I immediately knew the song would be special when he sent me the instrumental. His attention to detail and creativity are almost unmatched. Rob ended up staying at my place in LA to finish up the track, and we’ve got another heater on the way!!

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