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Isaac Gracie Tries to Find Balance Between Emotion & Functionality

At just 23 years old, London bred artist Isaac Gracie’s road to success has been anything but straight forward.  While has been singing nearly his whole life, it wasn’t until his early teens that he began to write songs as a way to work through some deep rooted emotions and a tumultuous home life.  While all of his family focused heavily on academics, Issac found that his path was heading in a completely different direction – much to the disappointment of his parents.  Finding more solace in writing words than reading them, Isaac Gracie began to crank out tunes, quickly uploading them online and heading out to his next gig.  While his first songs may lack some structure and polish, being a music business professional was never Isaac’s goal – he says, “I had no idea about the music industry and I had no desire to be part of it.

While Isaac continued to pour his heart into his music, It wasn’t until he released, “Last Words”, that things began to pick up steam and Isaac began to realize that maybe he was on to something.  While the instant reaction and sudden validation added a bit of vindication to his efforts thus far, it did not help to minimize his parents disappointment with the path he had chosen.  Suddenly being contacted by record labels, finding a need to do photo shoots, landing on the radar of tastemakers far and wide, Isaac Gracie was now part of a bigger machine that he had no intentions of conforming to.

While to promise of being able to turn his love into a career was exciting, the growing fan base and commercial success meant that Isaac would have to find a way to cater to his audience while also being unapologetically him.  While he used to just write “lousy-goosy.”  Isaac Gracie found a new urgency to make sure his songs also contained a functionality.  About the transition, Isaac says, “I feel that the real emotion and the functionality marry at some point, and it becomes a process that knows itself. But as soon as the functionality rears its head it’s like ah, shit man…

To date, Isaac Gracie has racked up 10’s of Millions of streams, his fan base is rapidly expanding across the globe, and he is readily mentioned as one of London’s most exciting young talents.  In late 2018 he dropped his self titled album, “Isaac Gracie”, along with an extended album.  Between his impressive, dynamic, rich vocals and his touching, totally human, brilliantly crafted lyrics – it is easy to see why his rise to success has been so sudden and unstoppable.  While there are several stand out tracks on his latest offering, what brings us here today is the single, “Show Me Love”.  

Released as a single and Included as part of the extended album, “Show Me Love”, is a brilliant tune that I can not seem to get enough of.  Finding the perfect blend between raw singer/songwriter stylings and Indie Rock grittiness, the single is a powerful and anthemic modern love song.  A driving energy and beautiful arrangement impress from beginning to end while a guitar riddled production, angelic background vocals and pumping drums set the tone.  

While the production may have a lot to offer, it is Isaac’s vocals that really drove it all home – even more present in the acoustic version of the song.  Eliminating the drums and stripping the tune of all potential distractions, the acoustic version is a stunning, raw, incredibly emotional interpretation of the already stand out tune.  With only a couple layers of crisp, clean, vibrant acoustic guitars to lend support, Isaac Gracie’s vocals hit so much deeper on this one with a bit more rasp and a whole lot more feeling cutting through. 

While we could go on and on about every track on this project, it is best to come to your own assumptions – so kick back, dig in and prepare to be impressed.  You’ve been warned.

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Tasty Bits’ playlist on Spotify!

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