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Isaac Ingram Brings a Vibe on ‘Her’

Hailing from a small town in Canada, developing artist Isaac Ingram started working at 15 in order to save up for studio gear.  With a lack of mentors and outlets at home for his music, the self taught producer/engineer/songwriter took it upon himself to start to curate his own sound.

Most recently he has unleashed his single, “Her”, which builds around a pitched, soulful vocal sample and blends elements between Hip Hop and Future Bass.  The vibrant production sets the tone before Isaac adds some rap verses to spice it up a bit.  When it comes to creating new tunes, Isaac says, “When I write a song, I have to connect to the beat. Then the words and melodies just flow out of me. To me, the beat is the most important part of a song. It’s crucial. It functions as a base, as a foundation and it gives you the groove, the vibe, the melody and the emotion.

As so many songs do, this one comes from a particularly sore place for Isaac Ingram.  About the track he offers, “Her is about a girl that I used to date. I wrote the song as if it was a letter to her, in order to say all the things to her that I never said.

With great bounce and overall vibe, this one is a solid release for the budding new artist.

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